Voran Maschinen GmbH

The companies in the Voran® holding stand for quality, dynamics and professionalism, and have done for more than eight decades. Always at the leading edge, we continue to develop proven systems as well as pioneer new ways, where experience and expertise count. With customer orientation, openness and innovative spirit, Voran® Maschinen GmbH offers cost-effective overall solutions through our plant construction, facade, machinery and manufacturing companies. As a creative, dynamic and quality-aware company, we support this development in fulfilling our customers’ requirements. Aesthetics, energy efficiency and economy are state-of-the-art, along with ease of maintenance. From design to production and on-site installation, our customers can look forward to approved processes and professional expertise in our own manufacturing workshops, plus high quality materials and products. The search for unique solutions, innovative ideas and outstanding aesthetic and futuristic designs are reflected in our references. Click here for the complete product database