Siha – products for pure fermentation

Type of Yeast


Field of use

SIHA Aktiv-Yeast 1 Saccharomyces cerevisiae D 96 Fermentation of grape musts and mashes.
SIHA Aktive-Yeast 2 Saccharomyces bayanus E 51 For production of sparkling wine in tank fermentation processes.
SIHA Aktive-Yeast 3 Pure yeast concentrate;Saccharomyces cerevisiae WET 136 Top strain for the fermentation of grape and fruit musts. Uniform and reliable fermentation, maximized wine quality.
SIHA Aktive-Yeast 4 Saccharomyces bayanus CH 158 Top strain for production of sparkling wine for tank and bottle fermentation. Short starting phase of fermentation, maximized sparkling wine quality. Final fermentation of stuck wines with more than 20 g/L residual sugar.
SIHA Aktive-Yeast 5 “Agglocompact” Saccharomyces bayanus CH 420 Special yeast for production of sparkling wine with the méthode champenoise. Reliable and uniform fermentation, shortens shaking time.
SIHA Aktive-Yeast 7 (Riesling Yeast) Saccharomyces cerevisiae D 576 Top strain for fostering the Riesling character. High ß-glucosidic activity.
SIHA Aktive-Yeast 8 (Burgundy Yeast) Saccharomyces cerevisiae WF 748 Top strain for uniform fermentation of red grape sorts. Enhances colour distinctiveness. Higher colour stability.
SIHA Aktive Yeast 10 „Red Roman” Saccharomyces cerevisiae Special yeast for red wine. For wines with a well tannin structure. Increases the content of polysaccharides.
SIHA-Varioferm Combination of dry yeasts D4, U17 and SF8 More variation and natural variability in the wine preparation.
SIHA-Cryarome Dry yeast Special strain for a cold fermentation. Increase of aroma compounds.
SIHA-Proferm Optimized combination of ammonium phosphate, ammonium sulphate, thiamine and a special yeast cell wall preparation Prevents stuck and sluggish fermentations. Optimization of nutrient composition, adsorption of pesticide residues, increasing of inner surface. Maximum dosage 40 g/L.
SIHA-Viniflora Oenos Leuconostoc oenos DSM 7008 Bacteria strain for degradation of malic acid. Susa speciala de bacterii pentru degradarea biologica a acidului malic. Can be used directly as a dry product, no reactivation needed.