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Enzymes are the natural solution to industrial problems. They are biodegradable proteins that make production processes more efficient and cost-effective and result in higher-quality products. Enzymes help protect the environment by reducing waste and the need for harsh chemicals. Based on an advanced biotech platform Novozymes produces and sells more than 500 enzyme products in 130 countries. Since 1941 Novozymes has introduced almost every new industrial enzyme on the market, making them the world’s largest manufacturer of enzymes today. With their minds set on innovation, they will continue to be so in the future.

Novozymes’ enzymes for the technical industries include enzymes for detergents, starch, fuel, textile, leather, forestry, alcohol and many other industries.

The enzyme blends are natural enzymes produced by special microorganisms (for pectolitic enzymes – Aspergillus Niger and for beta-glucans – Trichoderma). These enzymes are obtained by biotechnology, by operations of purification for reducing unwanted enzymatic activities and by high concentration for obtaining very active products. All stages from preparation to packaging comply with the international standards regarding FDA.