1. Product description

Nutriyeast G is a complex nutrient for yeast used in beer industry in form of powder, source of nitrogen, phosphor mixed with amino acids, minerals (Zn; K; Ca) and vitamins.

  1. Properties:

The two main requirements for the fermentations consistency and character are the yeasts health and the worts equilibrium in nutrients.
It is generally recognized that only wort produced of high qualitative malt can fulfil the requirements above and even in this case, oxygen and zinc supplementation is necessary.
We face two main issues in the industrial practice, namely:

  • Nutrient deficiency in wort
  • Stress conditions under which yeast works

The two problems listed above are amplified in the fermentation of “high-gravity” wort.
Yeasts harvested at the end of fermentation under these difficult conditions typically show symptoms of “low vigour”, which also perpetuate in future generations. If the beer wort shows the above problems, associated with low yeast vigour, lead to a slow fermentation, forming of compounds with less flavour, the development of sulphur-containing compounds, the reduction of diacetyl in beer and yeast autolysis.

  1. Advantages:

The use of the complex nutrient Nutriyeast G has the following advantages:

  • Fast fermentation
  • Consistent fermentation
  • By using Nutriyeast, yeast is healthier and vigorous, in such a way that the ability of yeast to form the alpha acetolactate decarboxylase enzyme is much higher, in order to reduce diacetyl in beer.
  • It decreases the formation of unwanted aroma compounds.