Pectinex is used for breaking down the soluble and insoluble pectins for viscozity reduction, fining, depectinization and maceration of the vegetable texture. It is used for fruits and juice industry, when a rapid and complete depectinization is required. Main application is obtaining concentrates of apples, pears, tropical fruits. There are available enzyme preparations for forrest fuits processing, and for winemaking also.
The arabanase activity of Pectinex is enough for avoiding side haze of the concentrates. In special conditions (as enzyme treatment of the apple and pear mash with Pectinex Ultra SP-L) avoiding use of Pectinex AR is recommended, for depectinisation of juice and avoiding the haze due to araban.

Pectinex Ultra SP L is a multi-component enzyme preparation. It is based on pectolytic main activity but a large number of side activities such as hemicellulase. Fast viscosity reduction with fresh and stored fruits leading to high yield and capacity. Pectinex is a high purity preparation obtained by a strain of Aspergillus niger.